Wednesday, January 22, 2014

$25 Etsy Gift Card Giveaway

Piglet scooter has purchased several items from Etsy.  I looked and found several items for guys too.  It may not be the first stop for guys but If you want to purchase a  unique gift for your wife it should be your first stop. 

I Love Etsy!
Hosted by Adventures of Piglet Scooter

I have reviewed several stores that I found on Etsy and I love each and every one of them. I am amazed at the people that create such fun and beautiful items. 
What most men don't know is that there are lots of 
Guy Stuff on Etsy too!

Here are just a few things that I found recently that I have to have...

Enter to Win a $25 Etsy Gift Card and Explore some of the fun shops!

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Bowflex Boost Giveaway

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As the new year is in full swing, Bowflex wants to help you to stay on track with their resolutions to lose weight and get fit this year!  Their new Bowflex Boost makes it easier than ever to stay motivated and active! Read Momma Lew's full review here to find out all about this great new fitness product.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Tool Names

I grew up with my dad telling me to go get me a pair of channel locks, vise grips, dikes, crescent wrench, and a crowbar. I knew exactly what my father wanted.  There were two type of hammers.  Ball Peen hammer and a Claw Hammer.  Both hammers had wooden handles.  Now that I am grown I still call them by the same names.  I know the correct names for the tools but still use the terms I grew up with.  

Channel Locks are a pair of  tongue/grove adjustable pliers.

A Crescent wrench is an adjustable wrench.


A pair of Vise Grips is a pair of Locking pliers.

A pair of Dikes are Diagonal pliers.

                                                                                                       A crowbar is a pry bar.  One end is flat and used for prying.  The other end is curved and had a spit used to pull nails. They were about 2 foot long. 

A claw hammer has a flat hammer for driving nails and a curved split end for pulling a nail.   The ball peen hammers were used to work on vehicles.  My father had several sizes from ounces to pounds.  

This is just a few of the tool names I grew up with.  I am sure there are many more of them out there.  If you can think of any leave them in the comments. 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Pneumatic Tools

Pneumatic Power Tools
Luxury or Necessity 

Some people will say a luxury and some say necessity. The amount of time that they will save, I believe, makes them a necessary luxury for all tool boxes. There are so many air tools available there is always an air tool to make any job easier. My wife figured out if she agreed to buy me new tools, she can talk me into using them for any project she wants completed.  I started out with just a small compressor and air guns. I started with the nailers when she decided she wanted to remodel the bathroom.  I purchased a three nail combo kit which include a small compressor. A framing nail gun was also purchased for different projects on her list. I have Porter Cable brand nailers. They made the job go by faster and smoother. 

  I recently used the framing nail gun when I re-roofed my barn from the walls up.  I knew there was no way I could have completed it with just a hammer.  
My other air tools include  ratchets, impact, die grinders, cut off tools, and a hammer.  I Purchased many of these air tools when I started working on a 1974 Volkswagen Convertible. With the addition to the tools I had to purchase  a larger air compressor.

 The ratchet and impact tools were used in everyday maintenance. I removed and replaced the motor several times and changed the seats to make a smoother ride. 

 I used the hammer and cut off tool when I replaced the floor pans. 

 I recently purchased a 1/4 stubby ratchet.  I use it to install all my police equipment in the cars.  I can get the small ratchet into tight places and just squeeze the trigger.   
My  ratchets, impact, die grinders, cut off tools, and a hammer were purchased from my local Carquest auto parts store. 

Monday, January 6, 2014

Rothco Venturer Travel Portfolio Bag Giveaway

Rothco Venturer Travel Portfolio Bag Giveaway!!
Hosted by Adventures of Piglet Scooter
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Adventures of Piglet Scooter recently did a blog post about travel products. This great little bag was on the list found HERE.
If you don't want to wait to win it, 
you can buy it HERE.
  • Canvas
  • Heavy duty canvas construction with nylon interior with zippered water proof inner pocket
  • Large 8.5"X 5.5" main compartment; small and large zippered outer, hidden map/document holders
  • Pencil pouch, credit card and ID holders
  • Adjustable quick release shoulder strap; quick release front strap for extra security
  • Jumbo pencil sleeve

Giveaway ends on 1/31/14. Winner will be announced within 72 hours of the end of the giveaway.
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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Safety Alert

Tis the Season

Every year around the Holidays there is News of Families destroyed by fire. I am not sure if it the Christmas tree drying out or the use of space heaters. When the temperatures start dropping the fires start rising.  There are several ways to prevent fires. Check the cords on electric space heaters.  Make sure there are not any flammable items around gas heaters.

 A smoke alarm is a simple and little inexpensive item that could possibly save lives and are often over looked.  A Smoke Alarm can be purchased for around $5.00.   There are more expensive models available and could be purchased from a local store or online.  Some rely on a battery and some require electricity and a back-up battery.

 I installed one today and it took longer to open the package then to install the the alarm.  Most only use two small screws to install and can be done with just a screw driver. 

The precious few seconds a smoke alarm can give, might save your life or the life of a family member. 

***Remember to check your smoke alarms every month and change the battery in the Spring and Fall.***

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

LaCrosse Boots Reveiw

LaCrosse Boots
 Hunter's most important piece of hunting equipment next to a weapon.

I had heard there was nothing better the a pair of LaCrosse boots.  I never could understand why people swore by these boots.  I decided to investigate them a little more. I started looking at the
    LaCrosse Alpha Mudlite

I was reluctant to purchase a pair of rubber boots for hunting. I had used cheap rubber boots in the past. There was always the problem of them being cold and uncomfortable.  To keep your feet warm you had to put on more than one pair of socks, then your feet would sweat and your feet would freeze. I talked to a friend about them, he told me it is one of the best investments a hunter could make. Hunting season was approaching fast and I had put off ordering a pair. I was at work and my wife called me and asked if I would stop by the house she needed help with something.  I walked in and there was the LaCrosse box.  
I was completely shocked, it was the boots I was thinking of buying. I had told my wife I wanted a good pair of hunting boots. My wonderful wife went on my computer and found out what pair I wanted. I put them on and instantly I knew what all the hype was about. Rubber boots that were comfortable and warm. The next weekend there was a 100 percent chance of rain and I had to work.  I wore my new boots for three 12 hour shifts.  My feet were dry and very comfortable.  I am in my second season of deer hunting with them. I could not have asked for anything better at keeping my feet warm and dry.