Wednesday, January 1, 2014

LaCrosse Boots Reveiw

LaCrosse Boots
 Hunter's most important piece of hunting equipment next to a weapon.

I had heard there was nothing better the a pair of LaCrosse boots.  I never could understand why people swore by these boots.  I decided to investigate them a little more. I started looking at the
    LaCrosse Alpha Mudlite

I was reluctant to purchase a pair of rubber boots for hunting. I had used cheap rubber boots in the past. There was always the problem of them being cold and uncomfortable.  To keep your feet warm you had to put on more than one pair of socks, then your feet would sweat and your feet would freeze. I talked to a friend about them, he told me it is one of the best investments a hunter could make. Hunting season was approaching fast and I had put off ordering a pair. I was at work and my wife called me and asked if I would stop by the house she needed help with something.  I walked in and there was the LaCrosse box.  
I was completely shocked, it was the boots I was thinking of buying. I had told my wife I wanted a good pair of hunting boots. My wonderful wife went on my computer and found out what pair I wanted. I put them on and instantly I knew what all the hype was about. Rubber boots that were comfortable and warm. The next weekend there was a 100 percent chance of rain and I had to work.  I wore my new boots for three 12 hour shifts.  My feet were dry and very comfortable.  I am in my second season of deer hunting with them. I could not have asked for anything better at keeping my feet warm and dry.