Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Barnett Quad 400 Crossbow Reveiw

Barnett Crossbows has really stepped up and given the Hunter the Edge.

My Wife and I were in Academy after a date night meal and my wife saw me looking at the crossbows.  I told her that archery season started more then a month earlier than firearm. The salesman walked by and told us it was a tax free weekend on guns and ammunition. I always like a good deal. 

 We decided to buy the Barnett Quad 400 with the 4x32 scope.

The only one in stock was the display model.  The salesman was 
also the resident bow expert.  We went into the bow room and he explained how to use the crossbow and let me shoot a couple of times. This was a great idea because I wasn't sure if I really wanted to purchase it. After the trial run, I was sold. 

I also purchased a set of Barnett X-blades 125 grain Broadheads 
designed exclusively for a crossbow. 

I got home and started reading the specs. The specs on the Crossbow are 345 feet per second with 150lbs draw weight and fairly light weight at only 8.4lbs.  The crossbow uses 22" 400 grain arrows.  The next day I went out and zeroed the scope.   The crossbow felt very comfortable when holding and shooting.  The scope was clear and easy to use.  The instruction were clear and explained the cross hairs very well. 

  I put the crossbow away and waited until the opening day of archery season.  The first day of archery season was a Tuesday and I had to work.  Wednesday I was in the stand and waiting but nothing.  I was unable to hunt again until the following Monday.  I was sitting in the stand and four deer walked out.  One of them was broad side and in the cross-hairs.  I squeezed the trigger and heard the crossbow shoot, then I heard a very loud thud when the arrow hit the deer.  I watched as the deer ran through the field and jumped the fence.  I walked to where the deer jumped the fence and there it was.  When I processed the deer I found out that the arrow went through the rib-cage and out the rib-cage and shoulder blade of the other side.  I was amazed the crossbow would have enough power to place the arrow with a broad head through the deer and out the other side. With the Barnett crossbow I was able to be the first in my circle of friends to take a deer this season. 


  1. My husband and sons would love to try this bow out! They are all avid dear hunters here in the south.

  2. My fiance would just die if he got one of these.This bow would be his dream come true!

  3. My aunt just started shooting bows and arrows and would love this!

  4. oh oh- do NOT let your niece see this- she will want you to take her deer hunting so she can use YOUR bow/arrow! LOL

  5. Wow~ Thanks for the Review. This looks awesome! I would feel like my husband was Darryl from the Walking Dead with this!

  6. This looks great! I always wanted to do this.