Thursday, December 26, 2013

Bogue Chitto State Park

Welcome to My Childhood Playground!

I grew up in rural Washington Parish, Louisiana, not far from where the state park is now.

 My Grandmother owned a camp on the Bogue Chitto river.   It seemed like every weekend during summer break was spent playing on the large sandbar.

 My parents and family often brought me to what is known as "Fricke's Cave".  My Family often told stories about how it was formed by the Fricke family walking from their home to the river.  The story described a path walked so much it was worn down to dust and the rain would wash it away.  My great uncle spent many days in the area hunting arrowheads from the Native American tribe of Choctaw. I have not been back since becoming an adult until my wife begged to go see the "Cave".   It is now a state park and preserved for future generations to enjoy.
View from top of Gorge
Standing in bottom of gorge
The wife was amazed at the beautiful scenery so close to home.  It is a nice get away for the day. We took our time and really enjoyed the peace and quiet.  We went on a week day and no one else was there, except for us and the employees.  It was a well deserved break for the wife and I. Below are some pictures of areas in the park, but I have left out pictures of "Fricke's Cave" to leave a little suspense. 


  1. How pretty! So very different than the big snowy mountains in Utah!

  2. beautiful! thanks for sharing. I'd love to explore there one day.