Monday, December 23, 2013

Swamp Logic Review

created by hunters for hunters

This Could possibly be a Deer Hunter's new best friend!!!

   Swamp Logic Plot Mix is a blend of high protein plant seeds that have been grown and observed to attract a large numbers of whitetail deer in the southern United States.

 The deer love it and the high protein diet is a way to increase antler size and mass.

   After purchasing a 50 pound bag, I tilled the area I wanted to plant.  I used Ammonia Nitrate to fertilize the area.

   Swamp Logic owners recommend using 13-13-13.  I planted Swamp Logic and put the deer feeder out on Friday September 28th. The deer Feeder was set to operate for 2 seconds twice a day.

    On Tuesday October 1st,  the Swamp Logic was starting to show and on Wednesday October 2, I had Deer.

 Every night I have had deer in the Swamp Logic area

This is the Swamp Logic Plot Mix after one month of growth.
The pictures speak for the product. 

All of the Above Pictures were taken by a Wildgame Innovations Trail Camera located approximately 105 feet from my Barn. 

To find out more stop by Swamp Logic's Website.

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