Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Barnett Quad 400 Crossbow Reveiw

Barnett Crossbows has really stepped up and given the Hunter the Edge.

My Wife and I were in Academy after a date night meal and my wife saw me looking at the crossbows.  I told her that archery season started more then a month earlier than firearm. The salesman walked by and told us it was a tax free weekend on guns and ammunition. I always like a good deal. 

 We decided to buy the Barnett Quad 400 with the 4x32 scope.

The only one in stock was the display model.  The salesman was 
also the resident bow expert.  We went into the bow room and he explained how to use the crossbow and let me shoot a couple of times. This was a great idea because I wasn't sure if I really wanted to purchase it. After the trial run, I was sold. 

I also purchased a set of Barnett X-blades 125 grain Broadheads 
designed exclusively for a crossbow. 

I got home and started reading the specs. The specs on the Crossbow are 345 feet per second with 150lbs draw weight and fairly light weight at only 8.4lbs.  The crossbow uses 22" 400 grain arrows.  The next day I went out and zeroed the scope.   The crossbow felt very comfortable when holding and shooting.  The scope was clear and easy to use.  The instruction were clear and explained the cross hairs very well. 

  I put the crossbow away and waited until the opening day of archery season.  The first day of archery season was a Tuesday and I had to work.  Wednesday I was in the stand and waiting but nothing.  I was unable to hunt again until the following Monday.  I was sitting in the stand and four deer walked out.  One of them was broad side and in the cross-hairs.  I squeezed the trigger and heard the crossbow shoot, then I heard a very loud thud when the arrow hit the deer.  I watched as the deer ran through the field and jumped the fence.  I walked to where the deer jumped the fence and there it was.  When I processed the deer I found out that the arrow went through the rib-cage and out the rib-cage and shoulder blade of the other side.  I was amazed the crossbow would have enough power to place the arrow with a broad head through the deer and out the other side. With the Barnett crossbow I was able to be the first in my circle of friends to take a deer this season. 

Monday, December 30, 2013

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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Streamlight Nano Review

My son gave me a Streamlight Nano "COPS" series for Christmas. 

 I was surprised with the brightness of such a little light.  I have used Streamlight brand flashlight since starting my Law Enforcement career.  I knew of their quality rechargeable lights.  I  now use two Streamlights for work.  I had seen these little lights advertised before but didn't think that they would be bright enough for everyday use. 

 When I opened the package and turned on the light I was completely amazed at the brightness and distance of the beam and how it is made of high quality grade aluminum.  It is a light that measures up to Streamlights larger flash lights, and all Streamlight products.  The light had a clip on it so it could be clipped on a key chain or even a zipper of a jacket.  There was a tag on the light that had the COPS logo.  I read the package and it is a Light for Cause and for every light purchased Streamlight will donate $1 dollar to the C.O.P.S. Foundation.   Streamlight does other Causes also. These lights are an inexpensive tool for a toolbox or glove compartment.    

Friday, December 27, 2013

Simmons LRF 600

A nice addition to any Golfer or Hunter's tool box.

 I received the Simmons LRF600 as an early Christmas gift from my lovely wife, who always seems to get the perfect gift.  I had explained to her about how the scope on my crossbow had the crosshairs for different yardage. She surprised me with a Simmons LRF600. 
 I was surprised with the clarity of the 4x magnification and how lightweight it was. The LRF600 is user friendly with one button use. The in-view display shows the distance from you to the target. Just push the button and you have the yardage displayed.

Simmons Lrf600 Laser Rangefinder
It uses a 9volt battery. The battery compartment lid is secured with a screw.  
  I used the range finder to set several yard markers.  I compared the accuracy to a police Lidar unit and it was almost exact.  The unit is inexpensive a nice gift for any hunter or golfer. 
Thanks Again to My Lovely Wife

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Bogue Chitto State Park

Welcome to My Childhood Playground!

I grew up in rural Washington Parish, Louisiana, not far from where the state park is now.

 My Grandmother owned a camp on the Bogue Chitto river.   It seemed like every weekend during summer break was spent playing on the large sandbar.

 My parents and family often brought me to what is known as "Fricke's Cave".  My Family often told stories about how it was formed by the Fricke family walking from their home to the river.  The story described a path walked so much it was worn down to dust and the rain would wash it away.  My great uncle spent many days in the area hunting arrowheads from the Native American tribe of Choctaw. I have not been back since becoming an adult until my wife begged to go see the "Cave".   It is now a state park and preserved for future generations to enjoy.
View from top of Gorge
Standing in bottom of gorge
The wife was amazed at the beautiful scenery so close to home.  It is a nice get away for the day. We took our time and really enjoyed the peace and quiet.  We went on a week day and no one else was there, except for us and the employees.  It was a well deserved break for the wife and I. Below are some pictures of areas in the park, but I have left out pictures of "Fricke's Cave" to leave a little suspense. 

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Carquest Work Cart Review

Work Cart

A must have for any work shop.

Keep your tools easily accessible!

  I recently purchased a work cart for my shop from a local auto parts store. 

This Carquest Cart is made of high quality metal.  It has wheels  that turn and lock to keep from the cart from rolling away.   It has a locking lid for the top, locking draw and a locking side for screwdrivers. The storage tray at the bottom is a great place for any extra tools you may need. Some assembly was required, but it only took about 10 minutes to have it fully assembled. 

  When I was working on the police units, I would have to stop to get a tool from the counter. I would then forget where I sat it down. This would delay me and also irritate me.  This Cart has allowed me to place all of the hand tools that I will need for a job in the cart and roll it right next to the unit. No more getting in and out of the vehicle or trying to find the tools that I need. 

 I also purchased two Carquest powerbuilt magnetic trays. They are great for holding bolts and screws when working on a vehicle.  

The addition of these three items to my shop has made a huge difference in time and ease of the job.  I purchased the cart from Magic City Auto Parts, my local Carquest store. There are other brands and colors available. Check out your local Carquest dealer for more information. 

Monday, December 23, 2013

Swamp Logic Review

created by hunters for hunters

This Could possibly be a Deer Hunter's new best friend!!!

   Swamp Logic Plot Mix is a blend of high protein plant seeds that have been grown and observed to attract a large numbers of whitetail deer in the southern United States.

 The deer love it and the high protein diet is a way to increase antler size and mass.

   After purchasing a 50 pound bag, I tilled the area I wanted to plant.  I used Ammonia Nitrate to fertilize the area.

   Swamp Logic owners recommend using 13-13-13.  I planted Swamp Logic and put the deer feeder out on Friday September 28th. The deer Feeder was set to operate for 2 seconds twice a day.

    On Tuesday October 1st,  the Swamp Logic was starting to show and on Wednesday October 2, I had Deer.

 Every night I have had deer in the Swamp Logic area

This is the Swamp Logic Plot Mix after one month of growth.
The pictures speak for the product. 

All of the Above Pictures were taken by a Wildgame Innovations Trail Camera located approximately 105 feet from my Barn. 

To find out more stop by Swamp Logic's Website.