Friday, December 27, 2013

Simmons LRF 600

A nice addition to any Golfer or Hunter's tool box.

 I received the Simmons LRF600 as an early Christmas gift from my lovely wife, who always seems to get the perfect gift.  I had explained to her about how the scope on my crossbow had the crosshairs for different yardage. She surprised me with a Simmons LRF600. 
 I was surprised with the clarity of the 4x magnification and how lightweight it was. The LRF600 is user friendly with one button use. The in-view display shows the distance from you to the target. Just push the button and you have the yardage displayed.

Simmons Lrf600 Laser Rangefinder
It uses a 9volt battery. The battery compartment lid is secured with a screw.  
  I used the range finder to set several yard markers.  I compared the accuracy to a police Lidar unit and it was almost exact.  The unit is inexpensive a nice gift for any hunter or golfer. 
Thanks Again to My Lovely Wife

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