Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Carquest Work Cart Review

Work Cart

A must have for any work shop.

Keep your tools easily accessible!

  I recently purchased a work cart for my shop from a local auto parts store. 

This Carquest Cart is made of high quality metal.  It has wheels  that turn and lock to keep from the cart from rolling away.   It has a locking lid for the top, locking draw and a locking side for screwdrivers. The storage tray at the bottom is a great place for any extra tools you may need. Some assembly was required, but it only took about 10 minutes to have it fully assembled. 

  When I was working on the police units, I would have to stop to get a tool from the counter. I would then forget where I sat it down. This would delay me and also irritate me.  This Cart has allowed me to place all of the hand tools that I will need for a job in the cart and roll it right next to the unit. No more getting in and out of the vehicle or trying to find the tools that I need. 

 I also purchased two Carquest powerbuilt magnetic trays. They are great for holding bolts and screws when working on a vehicle.  

The addition of these three items to my shop has made a huge difference in time and ease of the job.  I purchased the cart from Magic City Auto Parts, my local Carquest store. There are other brands and colors available. Check out your local Carquest dealer for more information. 


  1. This is a nice cart. I usually do all the work on our own cars (2 sedans and a van) and there have been many times a cart like this would have been extremely useful. I'm like you, I don't know how many times I have started working on something, have to stop to look for another tool, get back to it and do it all over again. My fiance bought me a roll around tool chest and I haven't had the room in the garage to even get it out of the box and put it together yet, so I don't know if it would work like this cart or not. Thanks for the review, I might have to ask for one for my birthday or maybe father's day next yer.

  2. This is really nice! I would love to have one of these for my hubby's shop! I need to go to Carquest and check them out!

  3. Thanks, this would be perfect for my husbands shop. He does small engine repair and he could really use this. This would be perfect for him.

  4. This would be perfect for my husbands small engine repair shop. I really need to look into getting one of this. He would love this.

  5. Janie N @copperjaneJanuary 5, 2014 at 8:02 PM

    Would love to have this cart or better yet would like for my husband to be organized with in his shop. A shop cart would be a great addition for nice weather to move outside to the driveway.