Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Pneumatic Tools

Pneumatic Power Tools
Luxury or Necessity 

Some people will say a luxury and some say necessity. The amount of time that they will save, I believe, makes them a necessary luxury for all tool boxes. There are so many air tools available there is always an air tool to make any job easier. My wife figured out if she agreed to buy me new tools, she can talk me into using them for any project she wants completed.  I started out with just a small compressor and air guns. I started with the nailers when she decided she wanted to remodel the bathroom.  I purchased a three nail combo kit which include a small compressor. A framing nail gun was also purchased for different projects on her list. I have Porter Cable brand nailers. They made the job go by faster and smoother. 

  I recently used the framing nail gun when I re-roofed my barn from the walls up.  I knew there was no way I could have completed it with just a hammer.  
My other air tools include  ratchets, impact, die grinders, cut off tools, and a hammer.  I Purchased many of these air tools when I started working on a 1974 Volkswagen Convertible. With the addition to the tools I had to purchase  a larger air compressor.

 The ratchet and impact tools were used in everyday maintenance. I removed and replaced the motor several times and changed the seats to make a smoother ride. 

 I used the hammer and cut off tool when I replaced the floor pans. 

 I recently purchased a 1/4 stubby ratchet.  I use it to install all my police equipment in the cars.  I can get the small ratchet into tight places and just squeeze the trigger.   
My  ratchets, impact, die grinders, cut off tools, and a hammer were purchased from my local Carquest auto parts store. 

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