Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Heat Holders

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As a Law Enforcement Officer I am always out in the worst weather from the extreme heat to the extreme cold.   Louisiana usually has very mild winters but this year has been one of the coldest I can ever remember. I have cold weather clothes that keep me warm but there was always my feet.  I would wear two pair of socks to keep my feet warm, after a few minutes my feet would start sweating and they would get cold.  Once my feet would get cold I stayed cold all day no matter how much clothing was worn.  I have tried several products to keep my feet warm and dry.   

My Wife told me she had gotten a pair of Heat Holders

When she told me her feet stayed warm all day and did not sweat it struck my curiosity.   I had to know why and how.  I found this video to explain everything.

After I received my pair of Heat Holders I was amazed at how soft and warm they were.  I wore them at work and my feet stayed warm and dry for a full 12 hour shift.  There is finally a product designed for people who work and play outdoors.  Heat Holders have turned the tables on winter.
There are several other products available and just a few are Pictured below. 

I will be ordering some of the stripped ones to wear for dress occasions.  Heat Holders will make a great addition to any toolbox. 

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