Sunday, February 2, 2014

RavPower Luster

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   The wife and I take trips and I find our phones are always needing to be charged.  It seems like we always forget to bring the wall charger.  

 I received RAVPower Luster 6000mAh external battery pack I thought this would be great for trips. 

 I charged the Luster and off we went.  I didn't charge my phone the night before. I plugged the Phone into the Luster.  When we got to our first stop I checked the phone and it was fully charged and the Luster had turned off to conserve power.   Later that night I plugged in the wife's electronic cigarette.  It charged the e-cigarette faster than plugging into the laptop or wall.   I plugged my phone into the Luster pack to charge for the night and again the phone was fully charged. The next morning I plugged in the wife's phone, it charged her phone also.  I used the Luster for several days without charging it and it is still had a 3/4 charge.  I would have never thought it would have had that much power.  The RavPower Luster pack has led lights to indicate  amount of power. It only weights a little over 5 ounces. The Luster has a bright LED flashlight.  The flash light is bright enough to get through emergency situations. 

The Luster comes with a Charging cable, instructions and comes with a carrying bag.  

 The Luster comes in four colors black, blue, gold , and pink.  I am thinking of purchasing the wife a pink one to use on her pink polka dot scooter. 

If you use your electronics on the road and and just never have enough power to last through the day the RavPower Luster is a must have for your toolbox. With Hurricane season coming soon the Luster should be in your emergency preparedness bag.  It would also make a nice addition to the candy and flowers given for Valentines Day.

  It seems like every thing electronic now comes with a cord to plug into a USB and a wall adapter.  There is never an empty plug on my power strip.  RavPower has an 4 port USB wall charger.

  I can now unplug my phone, tablet,  RavPower Luster, and rechargeable speakers from the power strip.  With the 4 port charger I can just plug in one cord into the power strip. 
Thanks to Adventures of Piglet Scooter for the Referral. 

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