Monday, April 21, 2014


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I received the G-24 24v Cordless Combo Kit from Greenworks.  I immediately noticed the Drill and Impact Driver were lighter than my old cordless drill.  The combo kit came with the Greenworks drill and impact driver, two 24 volt Batteries and a charger. 

The Drill has a 24 step clutch and a convenient bit holder. The drill has a two speed switch on top and a variable speed trigger.  There is a led light placed to illuminate the work.  

The impact is extremely fast with a top speed of 3000 rpm and 2000 inches lbs of torque. The impact has 0-3600 bpm.  The impact also has a variable speed trigger and a led light like the drill.  Both came with a reversible belt clip.  

On-board battery "fuel" indicator allows for on-demand reference of remaining power. G-24 24V Lithium-Ion Battery delivers fade-free power with no memory loss after charging.

  I used the Greenworks G-24 24V Cordless 2-Speed Compact Drill to drill a pilot hole in the post to hang an eight foot gate.  The drill had amazing power and there was no hesitation making the job quick and easy.  The drill had a higher RPM than my old drill and more torque. 
 I needed an hose hanger in the wash area at the barn.  I used the drill to drill the holes and the impact to screw in the screws.  The Greenworks Drill had no problem drilling into the cement wall.  The Greenworks Impact driver made quick work of the screws.

I mounted a winch to help with lifting of the basket.  I again used the Greenworks Drill and G-24 24 Volt Impact Driver. The impact had so much torque I had to redo one hole due to the impact stripping out the screw.
Next was installing a motion activated light on the side of the barn.  the Greenworks drill was used with an hole saw and screwed in the junction box.  
I used the Greenworks Drill and Hole Saw to cut several holes in the bottom of the drum, ice chest, and trash can to plant Potatoes.  I have been using the Greenworks for about two weeks now and still have not needed to recharge the batteries.  

Greenworks has produced a front runner in the cordless power tools with the cordless drill and impact driver. Greenworks have put together a great warranty to go with the items.  They come with a four year warranty on the drill and impact and a two year warranty on the batteries.  There are several other items available from Greenworks to use with the G-24 batteries, including a circular saw and an air compressor. When you finish the list of items inside you can take the batteries and head outside. the G-24 system include pole saws, string trimmers and hedge trimmers. 

In short, I highly recommend purchasing the G-24 24 volt combo kit

  • The Drill and Impact are light in weight but not power.
  • The Ergonomic handles make it easier to hold and use.
  • The led light light shines exactly where you need it. 
  • The fade free batteries
  • The Fuel level on the batteries never leave you guessing.
  • The lasting power of the batteries
  • The batteries can be used on other tools.


  1. Thanks for posting! Love the idea of drilling holes in a garbage can for planting potatoes.

  2. Nicely done! looks like you had a good time finishing the project.

  3. This set has many great features. It would be wonderful to add to a tool collection.

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

  4. My favorite feature of the Greenworks Tools is how very lightweight they are.

  5. Love the green color that complements earth day!

  6. You really accomplished a lot with your Greenworks tool, I like that it is lighter then others, and that you can tell how much battery is left instead of running out mid job, and that it has a LED light to brighten the area you are working in. Nice job

  7. These are awesome I would love to have the combo kit. I could get so much done with it.

  8. Love the review on the Greenworks tools love to try using them as well.

  9. These are nice, would love to have that power drill.

  10. Everyone needs a good drill. Thank you I've been looking for a new one.

  11. That is a really nice set.My fiance' needs one of those!

  12. Very informative. My husband does most of this stuff around the house. You seem very handy.

  13. I've heard great things about Greenworks tools. I think they look nice too.

  14. This is awesome! My hubby would love the G-24 24v Cordless Combo Kit. He could really use this.

  15. Sounds like you got a lot done with the Greenworks tools. I'm impressed. I love that they let you know how much power they have left, it's not fun when you have no idea if you'll be able to finish a project before you run out of power.

  16. What caught my attention is the fuel level on the batteries so you never have to guess, wonderful.
    My husband would love everything else. I just hate to start on something & no power.

  17. love that they have fade free batteries!

  18. These tools are high quality and last a long time. We actually have a few tools from this brand. They work wonderfully.