Sunday, April 20, 2014

Boiled Crawfish Recipe

Guido's Recipe

I started out helping a friend boil crawfish for a local sports bar and restaurant. Then before I know I was doing them by myself and selling 200lbs in less then 15 minutes. The sports bar owner had a pot that held 200lbs with trimmings . The pot I use now holds three sacks of crawfish.  I fill the pot approximately 3/4 full with water and start the burner.  I put in the season I purchase the Zatarain's brand crab boil powder. I put one 4lb container of season per sack of crawfish.  I also put in 1 quart of liquid Crab Boil.  I take a bag of lemons, a bag of onions, two boxes of salt, 6 cloves of garlic (for season).  I cut the lemons and onions in half and place them into the water. I break up the garlic with my hands.  I put in the boxes of salt.   I take a empty crawfish sack and place in 24 to 36 small red potatoes.  I tie up the sack and place it in the water.  The potatoes need to boil 10 to 15 minutes.      While waiting on the pot to come to a boil I start cleaning the crawfish.  

The most important thing is make sure the crawfish are CLEAN.    I have used several items to wash and clean them.  I prefer and keep kiddie pools on hand to use.  I start by submerging them in water.  I let them soak for a few minutes while stirring them.  The water will be very dark and muddy. I get all the sticks and pieces of grass out of the water. 

I use a dip net to transfer them to another pool and put water on them.  I continue the process until the water is completely clear.  I then purge the crawfish with salt.  I usually use 6 boxes of salt. I prefer Iodized salt but plain salt will work.  I let them soak for at least 10 minutes.  I place my whole cloves of garlic (for eating) into the boiling water. After the soak in salt I wash the crawfish by transferring them from pool to pool at least 8 more times putting fresh water on them each time.   Once the crawfish are completely clean I place them into the boiling water.

This is the time I put in my sack of whole mushrooms and hot dogs/sausage.  I bring the water back to boil for approximately 5-7 minutes.  I cut the fire off and place in the sack of frozen ears of corn.   The frozen corn helps cool off the water.  I then take the hose and spray the outside of the pot.  It cools off the pot and stops the cooking process.  The crawfish need to soak for 15 to 20 minutes. I start tasting the crawfish at 20 minutes to check the taste to see if they need to soak more or need to be removed.  

4lb Zatarain's complete boil powder (per sack)
1 Quart Zatarain's Liquid Boil
12 cloves garlic
1 bag of lemons
1 bag yellow onions
8 boxes of Iodized salt
4 trays of Mushrooms (optional)
2 packs of franks (option)
18-36 ears of frozen corn

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